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Repi functional additive solutions at K 2022

The major event for Plastics comes back after three turbulent years, that have seen major changes and evolutions. We are all experiencing a strong push, on the one hand, towards recycling and circularity of everything we put in circulation and, on the other, towards advanced chemical solutions, able to provide safety and performance to many industrial applications.

REPI, as a well reputed supplier of liquid colour and additive solutions for polyurethanes and thermoplastic polymers has been focusing more than ever on functional additives that act as performance and aesthetics aid in many applications field.

In the polyurethane area, the range of self-extinguishing flame retardants under the brand name of antiFIAMMA® offer liquid blends of pure melamine dispersions along with different formulations of primary flame retardants that can be applied to flexible and integral slabstock as well to rigid foams for the automotive, the bedding and the building and construction industrial sectors.

Another range of additives entering the program is represented by aldehydes scavengers, with the brand name SenzAA®, as a response to the growing demand for safety and stringent limits set by the automotive and the furniture industries. 

Those new ranges join REPI’s portfolio of the established Anti-scorching, Bonding Enhancers for flame lamination, UV-Blockers, White Foam Stabilisers and Antistatic.

Within the thermoplastics area, developments are being presented for different polymers, ranging from polycarbonate, to PMMA, to PVC and PET.

Filling the missing tieLooking at the second major trend mentioned above, “circularity”, REPI can take advantage by its unique technology based on liquid formulations, that can be considered, by nature as environmentally sustainable: highly concentrated, few ingredients, room temperature production processes and high efficiency. The liquid technology enables very low dosages and perfect dispersion of both colours and additives.

In this context, the established range of REFIT® recycling additives for PET and r-PET (Anti Yellow, Optical Brighteners and IV Enhancers) is enriched by the brand new StabiPlus®, a proactive aid to recycling, able to protect r-PET from aging and degradation, loop after loop. The growing rates of recycled PET worldwide are leading to a deterioration in the quality of the material available, putting especially the packaging industry under unprecedented pressure. StabiPlus® represents a valid aid widening the window for recycling and filling the missing tie of closing the loop.

At Group level, sustainability holds a crucial place being one of REPI’s growth pillars for the future. A structured and all-round path is underway to make all companies sustainable according to the environmental, social and economic major domains. The first sustainability report will be issued for 2022, following the GRI standards and taking inspiration from the 2025 sustainable goals set by the UN.

Publication date: 13/10/2022

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