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EREMA unveils new products at K 2022

There are three main talking points from EREMA’s showing at K 2022; the creation of a new double filtration machine, the debut of a bottle to bottle application technology and the introduction of a new plasticising unit.  × Untitled design - 1 EREMA’s new showings focus heavily on increased sustainability. 

Join us as we take a deeper look into the EREMA’s debut efforts:

INTAREMA TVEplus DuaFil Compact double filtration machine

The focus on the circular economy is particularly pertinent when looking at this new double filtration machine, which aims to produce high quality post-consumer materials. EREMA is  looking to combine this quality with efficiency, the company claims that a gentle melting process leads to a much reduced energy output due to the process taking place at lower temperatures: Sebastian Sochor, R&D Engineer at EREMA explained: "Because there is no discharge metering zone and the melt pump is custom designed to the application, the pressure build-up required for the second filtration unit is especially efficient and only needs a much lower temperature"

The new machine achieves a melt temperature upstream of the second filter unit that is 18.5 degrees Celsius lower than the previous EREMA double filtration solution when processing LDPE supermarket film containing paper, and consumes 10% less energy when comparing it with other machines. 

EREMA also claims that the lower melt temperatures allows impurities such as paper labels, wood particles or foreign polymers to be removed. These impurities can sometimes lead to unpleasant odours making them unsuitable for the circular economy.

VACUNITE – new bottle-to-bottle technology

To meet the new, stringent legal requirements surrounding the quality of plastics in relation to their contact with food EREMA’s new bottle to bottle technology aims to create high quality recycled pellets.

The new technology is powered by a combination of VACUREMA technology and vacuum-assisted Solid State Polycondensation (SSP). The process takes place primarily in a Vacuum atmosphere: ‘Largely eliminating undesirable flake and pellet discoloration and reliably removing additives’ according the company. 

EREMA is also incredibly pleased with the cost effectiveness of VACUNITE, the company claims the process needs 40% fewer components while requiring 36% less energy to operate in comparison to other alternatives on the market. 

Christoph Wöss, business development manager said: “With VACUNITE we offer our bottle-to-bottle customers a new technology which sets new standards at all levels from technical performance to recyclate quality."

EcoGentle plasticising unit

EREMA claims the new technology ‘ensures perfect interaction between the feed section and the extruder screw.’ Like the new double filtration machine, the plasticising unit requires much less heat and energy to operate, improving the mixing and performance of the unit.

The unit allows for the adjustment of compression ratios for better solids handling behaviour and targeted utilisation of shear flows in combination with elongation flows.

EREMA claims this process is more stable and leads to the improved quality of products.

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Publication date: 29/11/2022

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