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Teknor Apex Launches Eco-conscious TPE Made in Collaboration with UBQ Materials

Teknor Apex is helping to address the global waste crisis, preserving finite natural resources, and reducing the carbon footprint of end products which utilize its TPE.
Reduces Dependency on Virgin Petroleum-Based Plastic
This new Monprene® TPE is initially available in 70 Shore A and is colored black. It performs and processes comparable to its standard TPE offset. The durometer and amount of sustainable content can be customized based on end use requirements.
This high flow TPE is designed specifically for injection molding or overmolding onto PP – ideal for consumer product applications requiring flexibility such as hand and power tools, consumer electronics and appliances that include soft-touch components, for anti-slip, comfort grip, and improved ergonomics. Monprene® TPEs combine the performance of thermoset rubber with the processability of a thermoplastic and can still be recycled.
UBQ™ is a novel worldwide patented material that has already been adopted by leading industry brands and enterprises for manufacturing durable products with reduced environmental footprints. Demand for UBQ™ continues to build globally, as companies work to reach carbon reduction commitments in the production of end-products. Teknor Apex has been an early adopter of UBQ™, paving the way for other materials companies to develop more sustainable products within a circular economy. As a result of increasing demand, UBQ Materials will open a new facility in the Netherlands with an annual production output of 80,000 tons of UBQ™, further bridging the gap between the global ecosystems of waste and materials.
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“We are excited to further develop our partnership to include UBQ™ in our latest line of sustainable thermoplastic elastomers (TPE). This new product enables sustainable product design and reduces dependency on virgin petroleum-based plastic,” said Jonathan Plisco, New Business Development manager of Teknor Apex. “In the race to meet market demand for environmentally conscious materials, we are proud to offer new sustainable options that provide the right balance of performance, manufacturability and economics.
Teknor Apex’s implementation of our bio-based thermoplastic into its product lines strengthens our shared commitment to reshape how things are made and improve the footprint of everyday products,” said Derek Schaefer, VP of Business Development, UBQ North America. “We all have a role to play in reducing methane emissions, through this new ‘Made with UBQ™’ product line, manufacturers have the ability to contribute to a truly circular economy where human consumption lives in harmony with the planet.”
Teknor Apex's Monoprene® Portfolio

Source: Teknor Apex

Publication date: 09/02/2023

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