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Imflux says business changes will make its 'Green Curve' open to more molders

Hamilton, Ohio-based Imflux Inc. is in the midst of a transition to provide royalty-free access to its patent portfolio and proprietary know-how in a move to partner more closely with machine builders.

The firm's goal is to get the technology into more injection molding machines and plants, according to Imflux officials.

The subsidiary of Procter & Gamble Co. developed the technology, which uses low constant pressure to mold high-quality products with more versatile materials and less energy.

Nicknamed "Green Curve," because it can advance the circular economy, Imflux technology expands the capabilities of injection molding machines to run more post-consumer resins.

"We believe the OEMs [machinery companies] are best positioned to maximize the Imflux technology on their machines, and we want them to have the freedom to innovate and drive synergies with their machine platform. We believe this is a better way to ensure the Green Curve is available to the industry," Imflux Chief Technology Officer Gene Altonen said in an email.

Imflux had been rolling out the technology through separate partnerships with machine builders starting with Milacron in 2018. But there were some drawbacks.

"Our previous business model made it challenging for OEMs to offer Imflux as original OEM equipment. This new model eliminates most of those barriers," Altonen said. "That is a positive thing for the machine maker and a positive thing for the future adoption of the technology."

The change to royalty-free access will allow machine builders to provide the technology as a software feature, which can be offered more efficiently and at lower cost, Altonen said.

"This also allows the OEM to integrate the Imflux technology into their innovation portfolio, driving synergistic innovation and competitive advantage for the OEM," he added.

Publication date: 13/04/2023

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