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Toyobo to Begin Selling Bio-based BOPP Film as an ISCC Plus-certified Product

Toyobo Co., Ltd. and Toyoshina Film K.K., a Toyobo Group company, have received ISCC (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) Plus certification, an international certification designed to confirm the sustainable content of products.
Toyobo is scheduled to start selling a bio-based, biaxially oriented polypropylene (OPP) film as an ISCC Plus-certified product in autumn 2023. The properties of bio-based raw materials in the OPP film to be manufactured by Toyoshina Film will be assigned to a portion of the product based on the mass balance approach.
Performance Equivalent to Traditional Films
The Toyobo Group has focused on developing eco-friendly films, including “BIOPLANATM,” a packaging film made with a mixture of biomass-based and non-bio-based ingredients. In a new approach aimed at supporting the supply of bio-based films, Toyobo will sell OPP films whose bio-based ingredients, including waste cooking oil, are assigned to a portion of the products using the mass balance approach. This biomass OPP film, which has performance levels equivalent to OPP films that use only petroleum-based ingredients, is mainly used for food packaging.
Under its Sustainable Vison 2030 unveiled on May 26, 2022, the Toyobo Group has set a goal of raising the ratio of green films to 60 percent in fiscal 2030 and 100 percent in fiscal 2050. Taking this ISCC Plus certification as an opportunity, Toyobo will broaden its lineup of film products using bio-based raw materials, thus helping to realize a circular economy.
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Source: Toyobo

Publication date: 17/04/2023

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