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Kraiburg TPE offering ISCC PLUS certified thermoplastic elastomers

Kraiburg, a manufacturer based in Waldkraiburg is now offering what the company claims is proven thermoplastic elastomers with corresponding ISCC PLUS certification (mass balance). The company believes that this improvement benefits customers in the consumer and medical sectors, supporting them in the next steps towards a circular economy. × Kraiburg Kraiburg TPE is now distributing selected TPE solutions with ISCC PLUS certification. By means of mass balancing, compliance with various social and ecological standards benefiting both processors and end consumers is ensured in the course of an extensive review. The company claims that ‘Seamless’ traceability in the supply chain is ensured, including proof of origin for feedstock and materials. This certification is especially beneficial for TPE customers in the highly regulated consumer and medical sectors, since they do not have to initiate another approval process.

Both the demand and standards for more sustainable solutions in the plastics industry continue to grow. Manufacturing companies have identified various ways to provide customers with products that contribute to the expansion of the circular economy. 

In particular, TPE compounds containing recycled materials are increasingly being used in response to market demands. The company says that  adjustment is however challenging in certain areas because the compounds being used are subject to special regulations and legal provisions that currently exclude the use of recycled materials, for example. Extensive testing by manufacturers and processors is also required for certain raw materials before they can be ultimately processed. Thus switching materials to a more sustainable product component cannot be realized without considerable additional effort and costs in these cases. Kraiburg TPE claims it is addressing this with proven product solutions including ISCC PLUS certification (mass balance). This helps customers switch to more sustainable products, taking the next step towards a circular economy together.

Dr. Andrea Winterstetter, Corporate Sustainability Manager at KRAIBURG TPE said: “Using ISCC PLUS certified materials (mass balance approach) is beneficial for both our customers and KRAIBURG TPE in the transition from fossil to more sustainable raw materials. Certification ensures compliance with strict environmental and social standards along the entire supply chain. Thanks to the mass balance approach, compounds containing ISCC PLUS certified materials are also fully equivalent to their fossil counterparts from a regulatory perspective. in summary. “Overall, using ISCC PLUS certified materials under a mass balance approach is a strategic milestone. It offers tangible benefits for our customers and for us as a company, and supports all stakeholders in reaching sustainability and climate targets.”

Josef Neuer, Head of Product Management at KRAIBURG TPE, sums up the positioning of ISCC PLUS: “Being able to now offer TPE compounds with ISCC PLUS certification using the mass balance approach to our customers is a big step for us. This enriches our THERMOLAST® product line with more sustainable plastics. Our ISCC PLUS products focus on the packaging, personal care, and medical fields, where the benefits of using more sustainable materials are considerable. We are confident that customers who are already working towards greater sustainability appreciate this enrichment, as will customers who want to take the next steps towards sustainability. We are committed to accompanying our partners and customers on this journey and to obtaining the best possible results!”

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Publication date: 03/05/2023

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