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TriMas Introduces Its Range of Fully Recyclable Single Polymer Dispenser Pumps

TriMas announced that its TriMas Packaging group has further advanced its commitment to sustainable packaging solutions with the commercialization of its patented Singolo™ product line, a revolutionary range of fully recyclable, single-polymer dispensers.
Class “A” Rating by RecyClass
The Singolo™ 2cc dispensing pump is made solely from polypropylene material, providing consumers with excellent dispensing performance while also, allowing it to be ready for recycling after use. This innovative product has received a Class “A” rating by RecyClass, a cross-industry initiative dedicated to advancing the recyclability and traceability of plastic packaging in Europe. In addition to being sustainable, Singolo™ is e-commerce compliant and has successfully passed rigorous ISTA 6 testing, providing reliable shipping for consumer use applications.
TriMas Packaging is committed to driving sustainability across all areas of our packaging solutions, and the Singolo™ product line is a perfect example of our commitment and years of investment placed into action,” said Fabio Salik, TriMas Packaging Group president. “We continue to lead the way in developing innovative packaging designs that benefit both our customers and the planet. With its superior performance and broad compatibility, Singolo™ will help brand owners in beauty, personal care and home care applications deliver a great consumer experience, while supporting their sustainability goals.
The Singolo™ 2cc dispensing pump is a sustainable alternative to traditional pump formats used in the same applications. It offers a familiar look, feel and functionality to a traditional up-lock dispensing pump, making it easy to integrate into existing product applications. Additionally, the Singolo™ pump is highly customizable, allowing customers to tailor it to their individual branding requirements. The 2cc size is the first in TriMas Packaging’s Singolo™ platform, with additional dosage options to be available in the future.
Suitable for a Wide Variety of Applications
The Singolo™ pump’s robust design enables it to handle a broad range of formula viscosities and container designs, making it suitable for a wide variety of beauty, personal care and home care applications including hand and body soaps, body lotions, hair products and dish soaps. Brand owners for other recyclable-conscience applications, such as food and beverage, agricultural, automotive cleaning and pet applications, can also enjoy the sustainability benefits of the Singolo™ product line.
TriMas Packaging’s Singolo™ dispensers debuted at the Luxe Pack tradeshow on May 10-11th in New York, along with the company's portfolio of innovative dispensing and closure solutions for beauty, personal care and cosmetic applications.
Source: TriMas

Publication date: 15/05/2023

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