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MBA Polymers UK launches Post Consumer Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene product

Manufacturers in electronics, automotive and cosmetics industries are among those demanding more high-quality recycled ABS amid increased global demand for lower carbon products.  × Paul Mayhew MBA Polymers UK has launched a new ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) product, ABS 4125 UL. The company claims that the UL certified product provides a recycled alternative to the plastics used in electronics, automotive manufacturing and consumer goods, reducing the demand on the Earth’s depleting resources. 

The breakthrough was achieved by leveraging technical developments in MBA Polymers UK’s plastic recycling operations at its facility in Worksop, Nottinghamshire. 

With manufacturers operating in a market where the demand for recycled ABS outstrips supply, MBA Polymers UK is already exporting its new product to businesses globally including the USA and Hong Kong. 

ABS 4125 UL is the first of a new range of premium-recycled polymers to be launched by MBA Polymers UK. By 2030, the company’s target is to deliver 100,000 tonnes of recycled plastics content to manufacturers in a range of markets and industries, including high-performance polymers such as ABS. 

MBA Polymers UK is part of EMR, , which recycles around 10 million tonnes of materials each year. MBA Polymers UK claims it benefits from a reliable, high-quality feedstock including end-of-life vehicles, household appliances and the waste material from the construction industry. 

The new ABS product is derived from the fast-growing waste electronics sector, aiming to create a circular economy in the backdrop of increased regulation and growing consumer concern about the use of virgin plastics. 

As well as benchmarking against the performance and specifications of other leading ABS polymers, MBA Polymers UK has also achieved UL accreditation for its new product. UL accreditation verifies the quality, safety and sustainability of recycled plastics, so that manufacturers, brand owners and end users feel confident in the performance and credibility of the materials. 

Paul Mayhew, General Manager at MBA Polymers UK, said: “The arrival of this new UL listed ABS 4125 to the market is a transformational moment and I’ve been excited by the interest it has already created among our customers, new and existing. 

“Manufacturers know all too well that changes in regulation, consumer behaviour and the impact on the environment, means that increasing recycled content of products and creating circular products is now essential. MBA Polymers UK’s innovative new ABS product helps them to do just that. 

“Over more than 12 years, MBA Polymers UK has revolutionised the way that we use and reuse recycled plastics. During that time, I’ve had many people tell me that creating an ABS product containing as much recycled material as we have achieved would not be possible. Our team of dedicated engineers and scientists have not only proven them wrong, they have delivered a product, which can turn the growing supply of waste electronics into the next generation of sustainable consumer products.” 

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Publication date: 01/06/2023

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