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Polystyvert: First Commercial Polystyrene Recycling Plant

Polystyvert announces the construction of its first full-scale commercial plant to produce recycled polystyrene in Greater Montreal. Representing an investment of $40 million, this plant will recycle 9,000 tons of post-consumer and post-industrial polystyrene waste annually, with a high degree of contamination. This amount is equivalent to 15% of the polystyrene buried in Quebec each year.

Among the partners, it is important to note the participation of two blue-chip partners in the polystyrene industry who will contribute to the financing of the plant. The supply of raw materials is ensured, as well as the sale of recycled polystyrene.

Polystyvert’s patented technology addresses an essential need in waste management, namely the ability to recycle a material that was once considered difficult to recycle. Thanks to advanced purification, it is now possible to remove contaminants and produce high-quality plastic. According to company, this recycled plastic exhibits identical physical and chemical characteristics to virgin resin, while also allowing a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of up to 90%.

Diversification Into Other Plastics: ABS Pilot PlantIn addition to its full-scale polystyrene recycling plant, Polystyvert is proud to announce the establishment of a new pilot plant at its research and development center located in the east of Montreal. The company has expanded its process and intellectual property to another styrenic plastic, ABS. This thermoplastic polymer is widely used in the automotive, electronics, and toy industries.

With the financial support of a renowned global partner, Polystyvert has completed the initial stages of adapting its technology. The company is commencing the construction of a $3 million pilot plant, which will be a significant step toward large-scale recycling of this plastic.

Publication date: 17/06/2023

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