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Hymid and SageTech win Sustainability Award at Med-Tech Innovation Awards

Hymid, a design and manufacturing company, and SageTech Medical, the provider of an anaesthetic gas capture system; have announced they won the Sustainability Award at this year's Med-Tech Innovation Awards.

This award recognises companies that have made notable contributions to sustainable practices in the medical technology and manufacturing industries. Hymid and SageTech's collaboration on the anaesthetic gas capture system, SID-Solution, which incorporates a circular economic model, impressed judges and earned them national recognition. The award specifically highlights initiatives that promote environmental responsibility, resource conservation, and the reduction of carbon footprints.

SageTech’s anaesthetic gas capture system is a one-size-fits-all solution that fits existing gas capture systems that are found in most hospitals. The product is being tested across the UK and has the potential to lower costs for organisations such as the NHS. The solution could also have a particular impact on helping to target climate change and lower emissions.

Dr Steve Wileman, head of research, SageTech said: “SageTech Medical are delighted to have been awarded the Sustainability Award at the Med-Tech Innovation Awards in collaboration with our manufacturing partner, Hymid. The award is further validation of our position as pioneers in the development of a truly sustainable volatile anaesthetic gas capture technology. Congratulations to the teams at Hymid and SageTech!”

The manufacture of virgin anaesthetic agents and their release as potent greenhouse gases are highly damaging to the environment and contribute significantly to the carbon footprint of the healthcare and medical sectors. By offering a safe, sustainable and easy-to-use solution for the capture and recycling of these waste volatile agents, SageTech Medical are providing hospitals and clinics with a straightforward solution to make a real difference to our planet.

The circular economy solution safely captures waste volatile anaesthetic agents onto two reusable capture canisters (‘SID-Cans’) which are housed inside a capture machine (‘SID-Dock’) that integrates simply, seamlessly and universally into existing anaesthetic equipment. The captured agents are then recovered and recycled in, ready for future reuse.

Hymid is a provider of plastic production services and has worked with industry-leading companies both in the UK and abroad.

Tom McMurtrie, managing director, Hymid said: “We're proud to be a valued partner to SageTech Medical and winning the sustainability award is due recognition of the importance of their game-changing technology; the future looks promising!”

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Publication date: 28/06/2023

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