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RIGK's 'PlastCert' offering recyclability certification

As a newly established department of RIGK, PlastCert now certifies plastic packaging and products according to the specifications of the RecyClass system with the two pillars Recyclability and Recycled Content.  × PlastCert Since 2020 RIGK's subsidiary plastship had offered this service which has now been transferred to PlastCert. Both certificates support companies such as plastics processors, packaging manufacturers, brand owners or retailers in documenting their measures to promote sustainability to customers. Another service offered by PlastCert in close cooperation with plastship is the determination of recycled material properties as a basis for their use in high-quality products and packaging.

PlastCert's Recyclability Certification tests plastic packaging for its recyclability. It confirms the sustainable use of plastics in the sense of Design for Recycling and thus builds consumer confidence.

PlastCert says it confirms the percentage use of recyclate in plastic packaging and products based on a mass balance according to ISO 15343. This facilitates the traceability of recycled materials along the value chain and promotes their transparent use in products. In countries that already require or plan to require proof of recycled content in packaging, the amount proven via Recycled Content certification reduces related taxation, such as the plastic tax on non-recycled plastic that applies in Spain.

The material testing offered by PlastCert in cooperation with plastship and other partners such as 

Publication date: 13/07/2023

European Plastic Product Manufacturer

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