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PreZero signs cooperation agreement on plastic circularity

PreZero and Shell have signed a cooperation agreement to develop an innovative chemical solution for the recycling of plastic. The company’s say that currently, not all plastic streams are suitable for mechanical recycling, leaving a significant gap in the feedstock's circularity. Both companies have agreed to bring their expertise to bridge this recycling gap through concrete projects.  × Recycling PreZero will leverage its experience in feedstock collection, sorting, and pre-treatment to develop new solutions for selecting and converting plastic waste into plastic recyclates. Shell will develop, scale and deploy technologies to establish a process to transform plastic waste into chemicals with the purpose to produce new plastics. 

The first joint initiative arising from this collaboration is currently being worked in the Netherlands. 

Sven Nuener, CSO PreZero International, said: "Many European countries are significantly increasing their recycling targets for plastic. To work towards this goal, we not only need to increase the capacity of our recycling facilities but also diversify the types of plastic waste we can process. Our new project ensures broader possibilities for recycling as we work with material that would otherwise remain as waste." 

 Marco Richrath, Senior Vice President Chemicals and Products Europe added: “Proper waste sorting and pre-treatment is essential to make chemical recycling a success. I am therefore very happy Shell is going to further develop its collaboration with PreZero. Our joint goal is to develop an economically viable value chain for plastic waste not suitable for mechanical recycling, by turning it back into virgin quality plastic packaging and other products that would otherwise be made from fossil-based feedstocks, thereby contributing to the plastic circular economy. With this cooperation agreement, we are bringing parties in the value chain together to make progress.” 

In addition to these projects, PreZero and Shell will explore other cross-business connections in areas such as low carbon fuels and renewable energy generation.

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Publication date: 14/07/2023

European Plastic Product Manufacturer

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