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Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), net-zero, Green Claims, Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, European Standards for Reporting Sustainability, EU Taxonomy – what does all of this mean for the future of your company?

In recent years, sustainability reporting and sustainability investment have been major discussion topics and a priority in the EU. To discuss matters, the nova-Institute invites interested parties to the nova Session on “Sustainability Claims under New EU Legislation – From Sustainable Finance to Green Claims”.

Hosts: Lara Dammer, Matthias Stratmann, Luciano Proto Cassina (nova-Institute)

Climate neutrality, zero pollution and the transition of a circular economy have been key topics for the European Union. However, in order to successfully achieve this transformation and reduce negative impacts, EU policies try to incentivize and guide investments towards more environmentally sustainable activities. The newly introduced Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive and the EU taxonomy, among others, show that. 

The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and the EU Taxonomy are key at directing investments towards “greener” activities. Together, they establish a standardized framework for companies to disclose the environmental impact of their activities and, at the same time, the environmental impacts of their activities. This allows investors to have access to reliable and scientifically supported information on which to base their investment decisions. However, it is important to note that these policies, including the Green Claims Directive (GCD), rely heavily in the LCA methodology, which is still far away from a sufficient level of standardization. 

The upcoming nova Session will provide valuable insights into the role of the LCA methodology in the context of sustainability reporting and the challenges surrounding its standardization in recent application fields. Participants will further have the opportunity to delve deeper into the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive’s implications, which is set to affect more than 50.000 companies across the EU. This Session will be split into insights provided by experts from the nova-Institute and experts from the industry. Additionally, there will be ample time for open discussion and Q&A. 

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Publication date: 28/09/2023

Author: Marion Kupfer

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