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Futamura supplies compostable packaging to fresh produce industry

 Futamura, a manufacturer of cellulosic films, has supplied renewable and compostable packaging solutions to the fresh produce industry since 2003. × .  Futamura’s NatureFlex films are made from renewable wood pulp sourced from responsibly managed plantations.They are certified for home composting by TÜV Austria and meet all standards for industrial composting, including EN13432.Initially favoured by organic producers, NatureFlex films appealed to the environmentally responsible consumer who could use the wrapper to gather peelings and waste and put it all together in the home compost bin, breaking down to compost within just a few weeks.

Typical early applications include tomato flow wraps, supplied without conversion (unprinted and unperforated) or via a converter (perforated and printed). These applications and benefits remain relevant today, and NatureFlex continues to play apivotal role in driving the shift towards a more sustainable packaging future, away fromconventional plastics.

Amidst rising consumer expectations and evolving regulations such as the Loi AGEC (Loi Anti Gaspillage et Economie Circulaire) French legislation that sets the stage for a significant shift in packaging practices, advocating for circular economy principles and reduced environmental impact – the fresh produce industry finds itself needing to adapt.

The demand for viable alternatives to conventional plastic packaging is greater than ever, with producers seeking packaging that upholds technical performance while offering improved sustainability credentials. It is claimed that Futamura’s NatureFlex films not only address the broader functional performance and sustainability concerns but also include a range of cellulosic packaging films that respond to the requirements of the Loi AGEC, ideally suited for packaging fruits and vegetables weighing under 1.5kg.

These  cellulosic films can be used independently or in conjunction with materials like paper and cartons, allowing for a broad range of sustainable packaging solutions. NatureFlex films are used for packaging an array of fresh products, ranging from peppers and radishes to a diverse selection of whole fruits and vegetables.

 Futamura also offers a range of renewable and compostable fruit label facestock for the production of renewable and compostable fruit labels.

Futamura has recently celebrated the opening of a new production line, aiming to increase manufacturing capacity and further improving customer lead times. 

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Publication date: 11/10/2023

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