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Röhm to showcase plexiglas moulding compounds

PLEXIGLAS moulding compounds, the brand polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) from Röhm, make a contribution toward the design and longevity of a variety of items.

× At Fakuma 2023, which will be held in Friedrichshafen on 17 to 21, the expert audience can discover the varied applications of PLEXIGLAS, PLEXIMID and CYROLITE moulding compounds. The Molding Compounds business unit will showcase a host of exhibits from the medical technology sectors in hall B5 at booth 5306. International corporations and start-ups alike have provided components and products that they manufacture from Röhm’s high-quality plastics.

“Since its invention 90 years ago, PLEXIGLAS has helped shape countless everyday products and has played a role in many groundbreaking innovations,” comments Siamak Djafarian, senior vice president at the Molding Compounds business unit. “We are always thrilled to see our material being used in new applications and, in coordination with our business partners, to develop products with specific properties tailored to their industry requirements.”

PLEXIGLAS – a fully recyclable material for the future One key and intrinsic property of PLEXIGLAS is growing in importance in every application: This long-lasting plastic is fully recyclable, making it perfectly suited to the circular economy – one of the key focus topics of Fakuma 2023. Using a thermal process, the PMMA polymer can be reverted to the MMA monomer time and again, which in turn is used as a raw material for the polymerisation of PLEXIGLAS. A video at the trade fair booth will demonstrate how this works. Two examples of sustainable product design with Röhm’s brand PMMA will also be showcased here: Visitors will see how the lighting manufacturer TRILUX fits the luminaires from its Olisq range with diffusers containing up to 40% recycled PLEXIGLAS. The second example is provided by the startup Algoliner, which builds its photobioreactors for microalgae using the long-lasting and permanently translucent material to produce a sustainable raw material in a resource-efficient manner.

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Publication date: 18/10/2023

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