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nova’s experts (re)introduced: Lara Dammer

Dekarbonisierung der Industrie 2023 © Foto VogtFor nearly eight years, Lara Dammer has been heading the “Economy & Policy” department at nova-Institute. She holds a Master’s degree in Political Science and has been a part of the nova team since 2012. The Economy & Policy team consists of five experts, covering topics from policy analysis and sustainability certification to techno-economic evaluation, socio-economic analyses, feedstock availability assessment and social impact assessment.

Lara is an expert for all things related to policy and strategy for a renewable carbon-based economy. Her work focuses on the level playing field for a bioeconomy; policy framework for CCU; the increasing interrelation between sustainability claims and regulation; renewable energy, climate, plastic and waste policies; circular economy; standardisation and certification of renewable carbon-based products; labelling and communication.

ExpertiseSome of Lara’s recent projects include studies on biomass supply and demand around the world, regional studies for the Rhenish Mining Area and the State of Thuringia, transformation strategies of chemical clusters towards more sustainable feedstock use, bio-based feedstocks for automotive and textile applications as well as several conferences and webinars on policies – covering the EU Green Deal, Circular Economy Framework, Green Claims and Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, PPWR and more. She heads the working group “Policy” of the Renewable Carbon Initiative led by nova-Institute that has published several position papers, supplies input to Stakeholder Consultations and is in direct exchange with the European Commission on several dossiers impacting renewable carbon use in the EU.

Selection of PublicationsDammer, L., Carus, M., Porc, O. 2023: The Use of Food and Feed Crops for Bio-based Materials and the Related Effects on Food Security – Promoting Evidence-Based Debates and Recognising Potential Benefits, in: Industrial Biotechnology, October 2023 (forthcoming).

vom Berg, C., Carus, M., Dammer, L., Stratmann, M. 2022: Renewable Carbon as a Guiding Principle for Sustainable Carbon Cycles

Philp, J., Winickoff, D., Carus M., Dammer, L., 2021: Guidance for a biorefinery roadmap for Thailand

Porc, O., Hark, N., Carus, M., Dammer, L. and Carrez, D. 2020: European Bioeconomy in Figures 2008-2017

Krause, L., Dietrich, F., Carus, M., Skoczinski, P., Ruiz, P., Dammer, L. and Raschka, A. 2020: Chemical Recycling – Status, Trends and Challenges. Technologies, Sustainability, Policy and Key Players

Partanen, A., Carus, M., Piotrowski, S., Dammer, L. and Küppers, M. 2020: nova-Paper #13: Bio-based products: Green premium prices and consumer perception of different biomass feedstocks

Publication date: 26/10/2023

Author: Marion Kupfer

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