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Celanese: New Solutions for Manufacturers of TPV, PBT and PP Applications

Celanese Corporation, a global specialty materials and chemical company, announced the commercial introduction of multiple new sustainable engineering thermoplastic solutions that provide manufacturers with excellent mechanical and other properties while also supporting the shift to a more circular economy. The launch of these materials derived from recycled content (ECO-R) continues the company’s efforts to offer manufacturers a choice of sustainable solutions across its full portfolio of materials.

New sustainable solutions from Celanese include:
  • Santoprene® TPV ECO-R: Santoprene® TPV already provides an easier-to-recycle alternative to thermoset rubber for applications in automotive, consumer goods, building and construction and other industries. The new ECO-R solutions go further by incorporating post-consumer recyclate (PCR) into the formulations. These materials provide the same quality as standard Santoprene® TPV grades but with the added benefit of recycled content. Two grades are already available with a minimum of approximately 15 percent or 25 percent PCR, respectively. Celanese estimates these materials can reduce carbon emissions by up to 59 percent, compared to a similar part made with ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) rubber. Manufacturers are considering these new solutions for applications including automotive weather seals, EV cooling lines, children’s toys and garden hoses.
  • Celanex® PBT ECO-R: With an estimated minimum of 25 percent PET-PCR, these new PBT/PET blends enable manufacturers of automotive applications and consumer goods to have more sustainable product options while maintaining excellent mechanical properties. Junction bars, air vents and windshield wipers are three potential applications for these solutions.
  • Tecnoprene® PP ECO-R: Commercialized in North America and Europe, the new Tecnoprene® PP ECO-R solutions are made from an estimated minimum of 30 percent recycled content by weight. These sustainable solutions were developed to provide automotive application manufacturers with a sustainable offering that still meets the performance characteristics of standard PP compounds. Manufacturers of tailgates, spoilers, cooling modules and other automotive applications are developing parts based on these new Tecnoprene® PP ECO-R grades.
Celanese will showcase these new solutions and other sustainable solutions this week at the Fakuma trade show in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

Publication date: 20/10/2023

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