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Site Zero in Sweden Spearheads the Evolution of Plastic Recycling with State-of-the-Art Facility


State of the Art Sorting Plant Sweden is making a monumental stride in plastic recycling with the expansion of the polymer sorting plant, Site Zero. Since its original opening in 2019, the facility has undergone significant enhancements to fulfil its commitment to a circular economy for plastics. By collaborating with Sutco and integrating TOMRA's advanced sorting technology, the plant now boasts the capacity to process a staggering 42 metric tonnes of material per hour, sorting Swedish plastic packaging waste into 12 distinct fractions.

Closing the Loop on Plastic Waste

The CEO of Svensk Plaståtervinning, Mattias Philipsson, has led the charge in investing in the facility's expansion. With only 33% of Sweden's plastic packaging currently recycled, Philipsson sees the untapped potential in the remaining materials. "Since 2019, we have successfully produced four types of plastics for recycling. With the latest technology, we can now achieve our ambitions more fully," Philipsson stated. The ultimate objectives for Site Zero include zero waste, zero downcycling, and zero emissions.

A Triumvirate of Technological Excellence

The project's success is attributed to the collaboration between three key partners: Svensk Plaståtervinning, TOMRA, and Sutco. Oliver Lambertz, VP and Head of Operations and Feedstock Sourcing at TOMRA Feedstock, noted, "We've been involved from the outset and are thrilled to be part of this impactful project. The current facility is the culmination of our combined efforts to close the loop on plastic packaging."

Technological Innovation at the Forefront

Site Zero is outfitted with over 60 TOMRA AUTOSORT machines along a sophisticated 5km sorting line. The technology not only enables the separation of 12 different polymer types but also ensures purity levels of up to 98%. The sorted materials are dispatched to recyclers within the EU, and plans are afoot to develop local recycling capabilities for the main fractions.

Data-Driven Recycling

Leveraging TOMRA Insight, a cloud-based data platform, the facility optimizes its operations through near-real-time monitoring. This digital oversight enhances the efficiency of the sorting process, leading to increased cost-effectiveness.

Grand Opening Celebrations

The grand opening of Site Zero was a significant event, attended by over 300 industry stakeholders. Leaders from the project, including Mattias Philipsson, Oliver Lambertz, and Sutco executives, shared their vision, highlighting the facility's ability to produce superior material qualities while reducing its ecological footprint. "Together with our partners, we will establish Sweden as a recycling leader," concluded Philipsson.

About TOMRA Recycling Sorting

TOMRA Recycling Sorting, a division of TOMRA Group, is a leader in sensor-based sorting technologies for the global recycling and waste management industry. With over 9,000 systems installed across 100 countries, TOMRA continues to drive innovation in resource recovery, contributing to a sustainable future.

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Publication date: 12/12/2023

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