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Aston University joins the British Plastics Federation

Key Highlights:

  • The British Plastics Federation (BPF) supports research and education initiatives across the plastics industry and related sectors.
  • The University will help advance meaningful research that is relevant to both the industry and society.
  • Aston University and BPF will work closely to develop industry and academic collaborations to tackle major sustainability challenges.
Aston University has taken an important step towards developing closer relationships with key industry stakeholders by joining the British Plastics Federation (BPF).

BPF, which has over 500 members and 1200 affiliated members, is is the world’s longest running plastics trade association, established in 1933 to represent the UK industry. The main purpose of the BPF is to promote of a successful UK plastics sector which is does by providing membership services including supporting the development of projects, policy frameworks, industry reports, research and other activities of relevance to the economy, It also addresses industry-wide issues such as sustainability, safety and education.

Through its membership, Aston University will work to boost the advancement of research with practical applications in the industry through its projects including bioplastics, innovative plastics recycling methods, circular automotive plastics, sustainable packaging design, novel polymer materials. 

Aston University

Following the return of the UK to the EU Horizon Europe programme, the two organisations have already started conversations to facilitate the creation of consortiums for project proposals seeking funding from it. Access to the network of BPF members will create opportunities for the development of further knowledge transfer partnerships (KTPs) and Innovate UK projects funded by the UK Research and Innovation (UKRI).

Reinforcing their commitment to the creation of a more sustainable economy, industry and society, Aston University and BPF will work closely to promote the development of research and education initiatives that address major sustainability challenges faced by the plastics sector. As part of this collaboration, Adrian Whyle, senior BPF advisor, will be joining the advisory board of the University’s Circular Economy and Advanced Sustainability research centre (CEAS).

Luciano Batista, CEAS director, said: “I am delighted to have a close connection with BPF professionals and to welcome one of their senior specialists at the CEAS Advisory Board. 

“Adrian brings a wealth of knowledge and vast experience which will be highly valuable to Aston University. This collaborative effort underscores our commitment to contributing valuable insights and solutions to industry challenges. 

“We have already identified a list of initiatives and priority areas where we will be able to work together. The BPF membership will be of valuable benefit to our research community and industry partners, as it will reinforce the impact of our projects and create opportunities for strategic collaborations with key stakeholders in the near future.”

Philip Law, BPF director-general, said: "Aston University has an international reputation and its membership of the BPF adds considerably to the BPF's authority and skills offering. 

“It is crucial, moving forwards, that the intellectual firepower of British universities and the innovative capacity of UK firms are harnessed together to sharpen the country's competitive edge. 

“All aspects of the BPF's activity will benefit - from sustainability to education. BPF's global reach will also be extended by the University’s growing international presence.”


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Publication date: 17/01/2024

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