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New World Bioeconomy Association creates truly international collaboration

In response to the urgent need for a centralised hub to strengthen and promote the bioeconomy globally, the World Bioeconomy Association was officially launched during the World BioEconomy Forum in Washington, DC on 12 December 2023. 

Today we are pleased to launch the website and announce a group of Ambassadors who will represent the World Bioeconomy Association globally and bring their regional expertise to enhance the group’s knowledge base and outreach. 

This pioneering association unites a diverse global community committed to fostering sustainable economic growth and advancing the transition to a bioeconomy. 

“The Association operates under three core visions, emphasising the significance of bioresources, biotechnology and bioecology in shaping the future of the bioeconomy,” says Jukka Kantola, Chair of the newly formed World Bioeconomy Association. “In our core visions, we apply circular economy principles, ensuring a holistic approach to the multifaceted concept of the bioeconomy.”

Mission and Vision:The World Bioeconomy Association’s mission is to serve as the central hub for stakeholders dedicated to advancing the multisectoral growth of the bioeconomy. The vision is to leverage the bioeconomy as a transformative engine, providing solutions to global challenges such as climate change, biodiversity loss, food security and health.

Values:The Association upholds the values of diversity, mutual understanding, inclusivity, sustainability, innovation and trustworthy partnership, driving positive change within the global circular bioeconomy community.

Key Objectives and Activities:The Association focuses on knowledge and information sharing, public outreach, advocacy and collaborative research to promote the responsible use of global resources.

Knowledge and Information Sharing:We are committed to promoting best practice, innovative strategies and advanced technologies for the future growth of the global bioeconomy, in order to positively impact critical areas such as climate resilience, biodiversity conservation, food security, public health and more.

Public Outreach:We disseminate information about the bioeconomy and its potential to a wider audience.

Advocacy:The Association will monitor bioeconomy policy developments closely and actively advocates for the bioeconomy, emphasising unlocking the full value of resources. 

Collaborative Research:We will engage in research collaboration among our members, academic institutes, private industries and public authorities to develop innovative systems and products for the advancement of the bioeconomy.

Jukka Kantola, Chair of the Association, says, “As the world faces unprecedented challenges, the World Bioeconomy Association emerges as a beacon of hope, driving global collaboration for a sustainable bioeconomy future.”

World Bioeconomy AssociationBeyond Borders: Ignite, Innovate, and Inspire with the World Bioeconomy Association!

ContactJukka Kantola 
Chair, World Bioeconomy Association 
tel. +358 40 552 8880

Publication date: 05/02/2024

Author: Marion Kupfer

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