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Letter to the CBE JU community

Nicoló Giacomuzzi-MooreToday, I am taking up the position of Executive Director with the CBE JU. I would like to thank the European Commission and the Bio-based Industries Consortium, our founding partners, for their trust and I look forward to continuing the organisation’s success on the basis of our strong collaboration.

CBE JU’s mission for the years ahead is very exciting, and close to my values both in terms of the socio-economic and environmental impacts. I see the Joint Undertaking evolving in its role from an implementing body to that of an enabler of the circular economy and bioeconomy which are key drivers to achieve the ambitious objectives of the European Green Deal.

During this particular socio-economic and geopolitical juncture, it is more important than ever to foster a closer dialogue among industry representatives and the European Commission in preparing policy initiatives which aim to boost European competitiveness, particularly in the area of bio-based production and biomanufacturing. The effectiveness of these measures will be fundamental in retaining investments in green and clean technologies in Europe, promoting market access for bio-based products, strengthening European leadership on global markets, reducing external dependencies in strategic sectors and transitioning away from fossil-based production and consumption.  

Effective communication will also play a key part in the CBE JU strategy moving forward. As we saw in the first CBE JU Stakeholder Forum, the partnership can mobilise a very diverse bioeconomy community for a common narrative reaching out to policymakers, businesses, and citizens. It is fundamental to raise the awareness of consumers and businesses on how highly innovative bio-based products can address the global environmental and economic challenges we face.

I believe that the European public-private partnership model, like that of the CBE JU, has an enormous added value in promoting promising research and innovation in key sectors of the European economy, boosting the competitiveness of European industry, contributing to the socio-economic agenda through the creation of new high skilled jobs, diversifying farmers income, revitalising regions and local communities, while also supporting greener business models and cleaner industrial processes and developing innovative circular products. We can only reach this potential through strong, long-lasting collaborations among all stakeholders of the sector.

My final word is for the CBE JU team: I am very proud of what we have achieved so far as a professional, agile and united team. I look forward to navigating together to accomplish the challenging mission of CBE JU!

Yours sincerely,

Nicoló Giacomuzzi-Moore

CBE JU Executive Director

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Publication date: 15/02/2024

Author: Marion Kupfer

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