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Berry: New Silotite® Film with Recycled Content

Berry Global’s leading balewrap brand, Silotite®, has added a new film made with 25% post-consumer recycled plastic (PCR) to its B Circular Range of agricultural films. SilotitePro1800 Sustane incorporates PCR into a high-performance product to deliver a quality silage film with an improved environmental profile.

The use of recycled content in SilotitePro1800 Sustane film is part of Berry’s Five-Pillar programme to improve Silotite’s sustainability and adds to the existing benefits of its pre-orientated ProTechnology. The film also provides a longer reel length than Silotite® original 25 ?m, 1500m film, so customers can wrap more bales per reel, saving time and preserving silage quality.

By using recycled content, Berry is supporting the circular economy and helping to divert waste from landfill or incineration. Life cycle analysis data confirms that using SilotitePro1800 Sustane 23 ?m film (with 25% PCR) reduces the environmental load by 24% compared to standard Silotite® 25 ?m film (with 0% PCR).

Additionally, SilotitePro1800 Sustane film has been certified by RecyClass, giving users full traceability to the origin of the recycled content. The product is also conveniently packaged in a polyethylene (PE) sleeve, allowing the balewrap and outer packaging to be recycled together and eliminating the need for separation.

Publication date: 02/03/2024

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