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Surgical Holdings introduces new division

Surgical Holdings, a British manufacturer and repairer of surgical instruments, has announced the launch of a new consumables division focused on strengthening supply chain resilience for single-use surgical solutions.

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In collaboration with Telic, a manufacturer and distributor based in Barcelona, Surgical Holdings has expanded its portfolio by introducing a range of single-patient-use products.

From diathermy plates to ultrasound gels, ECG electrodes, and defibrillation electrodes, these products complement Surgical Holdings' existing offerings, seamlessly aligning with the company's sustainability goals while ensuring accessibility.

The recent introduction of NHS supply chain frameworks for single-use solutions in healthcare, prompted by the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, has underscored the critical importance of ensuring consistent and reliable access to these vital items, while placing a strong focus on quality.

As part of the new division's launch, Surgical Holdings has introduced a new sales team and warehouse facilities to enhance distribution capabilities. This investment underscores the company's commitment to delivering timely and reliable access to critical medical supplies, ensuring that healthcare professionals can focus on providing patient care without disruption.

By sourcing materials locally and manufacturing within Europe, the company aims to reduce transport times and distances, contributing to a more environmentally friendly supply chain.

Daniel Coole, managing director of Surgical Holdings, said: “The NHS simply cannot afford to be relying on long distance and unreliable supply. Surgical Holdings are proud to announce the launch of our new consumables division, with the key variables being Quality and Resilience, with the unique benefit of product manufacture being in Europe and the UK. This ensures we can quickly get products into the hands of end users, for the benefits of our patients in the UK.”

While Surgical Holdings has focused its efforts over the past 5 years on championing reusable products in alignment with principles of circular economy and sustainability, the indispensability of single-patient-use items in healthcare remains evident due to safety, hygiene and design considerations.

The company remains committed to mitigating the carbon footprint associated with these items through optimisation of production processes, packaging and waste management.

To future proof the expansion of its new consumables range, Surgical Holdings has expanded its infrastructure with tailored storage solutions, ensuring ample stock availability for next-day dispatch. Leveraging Taliscon stock management software, the company offers real-time updates to customers and is actively restructuring its sales team to drive this new area.

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Publication date: 06/03/2024

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