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Morrow Batteries ASA announces IPCEI partnership, secures funding to advance next-generation battery technology

Morrow Batteries ("Morrow") and Stena Recycling have signed an agreement regarding battery production scrap from the Morrow Cell Factory in Arendal, Norway. The production scrap will be handled at Stena Recycling's new facility for battery recycling in Halmstad, Sweden. The goal is to build a complete circular battery value chain using recycled material in new battery cell production.

"We proudly share Stena Recycling's vision to create a circular society where nothing goes to waste. Morrow aims for low scrap rates and stable, high-quality production delivered by our skilled machine operators and manufacturing engineers. Nevertheless, some scrap volumes will need responsible handling, and we are confident that Stena Recycling is the right partner to achieve recycling excellence. As soon as Morrow starts trial production in 2024, Stena Recycling will start receiving and handling scrap from the production process", says Lars Christian Bacher, CEO of Morrow.

Under the agreement, Stena Recycling will train personnel in relevant procedures at the Morrow Cell Factory. They will collect and handle the scrap at their new battery recycling facility in southern Sweden. This is one of Europe's first industrial-scale battery recycling facilities. Stena Recycling's advanced recycling process will recover valuable battery material, which can be used to manufacture new batteries.

"Morrow is focused on efficiency, sustainability, and environmental impact. Consuming fewer resources in the form of energy and raw materials is their goal, as well as ours. We look forward to a new circular partnership and a holistic solution to increase resource efficiency and minimise emissions," says Marcus Martinsson, Product Area Manager Batteries at Stena Recycling Group.

The parties have agreed that for the next 1,5 years, Stena Recycling will manage Morrow's production scrap from the Morrow Cell Factory. The two companies have a shared ambition to build a complete circular battery value chain where recycled material is re-inserted into battery production.

"We hope – and expect – this to be the first stepping stone in a wider joint effort to enable agile and circular battery value chains," says Stina Torjesen, Sustainability Director in Morrow.

The parties will further explore establishing a larger facility in Eyde Material Park in southern Norway that can handle Morrow waste streams in combination with other streams.


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Stena Recycling is one of Europe's leading recycling companies, offering comprehensive solutions in recycling and circular services. Every year, around six million tons of waste and end-of-life products are recycled from more than 100,000 customers across a range of industries. By keeping resources in the loop, Stena Recycling plays an important and central role in the transition to a circular economy. Besides actual recycling, Stena Recycling also supports its customers in their development towards sustainable business models through its consulting business Stena Circular Consulting. Stena Recycling is part of the Stena Metall Group. To learn more, please visit

Publication date: 14/03/2024

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