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Jindal Films announces new PP mono-material

Jindal Films, a leader in the development and manufacture of specialty BOPP and BOPE films for the flexible packaging and labeling markets, is developing PP mono-material and PE mono-material solutions to help the industry implement packaging that is conforming to the new upcoming guidelines for mechanical recycling in Europe.Jindal Films is launching BICOR™ 25 and 30 MBH568 films during the CFIA tradeshow in Rennes (FR).

Bicor™ MBH568 are clear barrier films designed to run as single webs at high speeds on HFFS packaging machines using a new barrier coating technology in combination with Jindal Films’ well known VLTS seal technology. MBH568 grades can be used to substitute films using PVdC coating as they provide equivalent WVTR, OTR, aroma barrier and are surface printable.
This new film type provides very high gloss, stable slip and barrier properties, great scuff resistance and additionally is resistant to alcohol spraying which is used for some baked goods packaging.

According to company, Bicor™ MBH568 has higher stiffness than most barrier OPP films of equivalent thickness and can help end-user reduce further their virgin plastic usage for HFFS single web market segments. MBH568 films have a PP mono-material composition (? 95% polypropylene) that conform to the CEFLEX design guidelines for a circular economy.

Publication date: 15/03/2024

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