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Engineering Innovation and Adaptability: A Deep Dive with Jenco's Carl Wardle

WATCH THE FULL Q&A Daniel O’Connor: How has life been for Jenco since Interplas 2023'

Carl Wardle: Since launching our new range, from air loaders to full system loaders, it's been incredibly busy. Post-launch, you think you're done, but then the orders flood in, and you realise there's still so much to do. We've been updating our technical manuals and data sheets, and I'm pleased to say everything is now up and running smoothly in the field.

Daniel O'Connor: Tomorrow we have a piece on the Diamond Range could you introduce us to the innovations in the new vacuum loaders'

Carl Wardle: The Diamond Range is a leap into industry 4.0, fully integrating technological advancements. Features like Wi-Fi connectivity, preventative maintenance software, and fault alarm systems are pivotal. These features allow for real-time monitoring and quick responses to operational issues, which is a huge step forward in automation and efficiency.

Daniel O'Connor: On Wednesday, we’ll see a case study on the PelletSave system installed in Cornwall. What were some significant challenges with that project'

Carl Wardle: The biggest challenge was its sheer size and complexity—it's a massive system that had to be moved from Cornwall to Banbury. Disassembling it into 30 pallets, labeling, and organizing was daunting. Moreover, the original plan included engineers from Israel, but due to the conflict in Gaza, they couldn't travel. We had to quickly pull together our own engineers and ensure everything went smoothly, which it did, thankfully.

Daniel O'Connor: Later in the week, we'll explore handling materials like soda ash. What challenges does this present'

Carl Wardle: Handling soda ash is tricky because it's hygroscopic and tends to clump, especially in large bags. We have to constantly adapt our filter and pump systems to manage these variations effectively. It’s a different beast compared to smaller, more manageable quantities.

Daniel O'Connor: How are advancements in Industry 4.0 not just enhancing operational efficiency but also your sustainability efforts'

Carl Wardle: We're leveraging local and in-house manufacturing to minimise environmental impacts. Our systems are designed with modularity in mind, enhancing their lifespan and adaptability. This approach not only saves on resources but also supports the circular economy by making our systems more recyclable.

Daniel O'Connor: How has Jenco adapted its strategies to align with global sustainability trends'

Carl Wardle: We've strengthened relationships with partners to increase the use of recyclable materials. The perception of plastics has shifted significantly—they’re no longer just waste but a vital part of sustainable solutions. This is a major focus for us as we adapt our operations to support these trends.

Daniel O'Connor: How does Jenco ensure compliance with increasingly stringent regulations'

Carl Wardle: Following Brexit, we had to ensure our equipment was UKCA compliant, which meant overhauling our documentation and systems. We stay proactive about regulatory changes to ensure that our products not only meet but exceed compliance standards.

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Publication date: 22/04/2024

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