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Avient Exhbits Advanced Products and Technologies for Plastics Industry at CHINAPLAS

Avient Corporation showcases its broad portfolio of advanced technologies for the plastics industry, including two new product launches, at CHINAPLAS 2024. These technologies can help designers, brand owners, and manufacturers improve the performance and aesthetics of their applications. These also support their sustainability goals.  

PTFE-free Polymers Now in Asia
Avient will exhibit the expanded launch of PTFE-Free LubriOne™ Internally Lubricated Formulations to Asia. These were initially launched in Europe in 2023. These grades extend Avient’s LubriOne™ Formulations portfolio and are made without fluorinated lubricants such as polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). They are available across multiple polymer systems. These include PA6, PA66, PC, POM, PBT, PPS, and PK, and provide comparable performance to conventional internally lubricated grades.

Avient also will be exhibiting newly launched OnColor™ Durable Orange Nylon Colorants for high-voltage electric vehicle (EV) connectors. These new orange colorants are developed as part of Avient’s OnColor portfolio. They can help improve the heat and long-term color stability of cautionary, orange-colored polymers in both engineering and general-purpose plastics. They have no or limited adverse effects on mechanical properties or flame retardancy and can also be customized for laser marking.  

The plastics industry is evolving rapidly to address the need for sustainable and circular solutions that improve recycling, product functionality, and manufacturability. This is driven by major global sustainability initiatives,” said Say-Eng Lee, vice president and general manager, Color & Additives Asia at Avient. “At Chinaplas, we will demonstrate our expertise to meet these trends and complex challenges, including our annual color forecasting guide and customized colorants and additives, thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs), and specialty engineered materials for uses in a wide range of industries.”  

Additional Plastic Innovations and Services
Additional services and innovations highlighted at Avient’s Chinaplas exhibit in hall 8.2, Stand F31, include:

  • reSound™ REC TPE: developed for automotive interiors. It is formulated with 55% PCR content to offer a more sustainable alternative to standard TPE grades without compromising performance criteria such as UV stability, low VOC content, low odor, and low fogging in applications such as HVAC nozzles, interior mats and cup holders
  • Versaflex™ TF Adhesive TPE for Textile Fabrics: a cost-effective alternative to TPU adhesive films and traditional glues. It is free of plasticizers, with low VOC content, OEKO-TEX 100-2 compliance, and excellent washability up to 60°C. It combines strong and seamless adhesion to polyester and nylon fabrics with outstanding elastic recovery for high wearing comfort in target applications such as functional sports attire, fitness apparel, and underwear
  • Syncure™ XLPE Cross-linkable Polyethylene Formulations: a range of silane-grafted, moisture cross-linkable polyethylene (XLPE) systems for wire insulation and cable jacketing. They deliver high resistance to heat, oil, creep, and abrasion with good low-temperature performance and outstanding flame retardancy according to UL 44, UL 4703 and CSA 22.2 requirements
  • OnForce™ Long Glass Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics: developed for automotive foot pedals. They provide high dimensional stability, rigidity and flexibility, cyclic fatigue strength, and long-term creep resistance as well as excellent chemical and UV resistance, shows good colorability (including silver) and ease of processing
  • Bergamid™ FR Non-Halogen Flame Retardant Formulations: developed for high-voltage connectors. These are designed to combine the application flexibility of high-flow nylons for thin-wall designs with the sustainable performance of a non-halogenated fire retardant system, available in unfilled or reinforced PA6, PA66 and PA 6/66 grades with UL 94 V0 and CTI 800+ ratings  
  • ColorForward™ 2025: the 19th annual edition of Avient’s acclaimed color trend forecast, predicted to elicit high consumer response and inspire brand owners and designers of plastic products
  • ColorWorks™ Design and Technology Centers: an invaluable source of ideas, inspiration, and technical guidance provided by a dedicated team of experts to establish high-impact color concepts at the earliest stages of product development in close collaboration with customers at four global centers
  • Mevopur™ Healthcare Colorants and Formulations: a range of medical grade concentrates and pre-colored formulations for a wide range of polymers used in applications
  • ColorMatrix™ Amosorb™ 4020R rPET Booster: an oxygen scavenger specifically formulated for use with recycled PET (rPET). The solution delivers full oxygen scavenging performance with up to 100% rPET content, which can improve the aesthetics of rPET bottles in terms of haze and color  
  • Cesa™ Nox A4R Additive for Enhanced Recycling: a range of specialized antioxidants to protect post-consumer polyolefins against oxidation
  • Colorant Chromatics™ Transcend™ Premier Healthcare Colorants: high-temperature solutions offered in pre-colored or concentrate form in a range of vivid opaque and transparent colors that are fully bio-compatible per ISO 10993 standards to provide ultra-high-heat resistance and performance without compromising safety
  • Colorant Chromatics™ UV Laser Marking Technology for fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP): developed to outperform traditional and infra-red marking with a permanent, gentle and cost-effective ultraviolet (UV) marking

Tech Talk on Metal Replacement in Healthcare Industry
In addition to these exhibition highlights at the company’s booth, Avient will also contribute the following Tech Talk presentations during the Technologies Promotion Sessions at Chinaplas in Hall 2.2, Booth G106:

  • Addressing Circular Economy Challenges with Innovative Color and Additive Solutions: presented by Derek Lua from Color & Additives Asia, April 23 at 1:10 pm
  • How Avient Can Help with Metal Replacement for Applications in the Healthcare Industry: presented by Catherine Hu, senior marketing specialist from Specialty Engineered Materials Asia, April 24 at 1:50 pm

Source: Avient

Publication date: 24/04/2024

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