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Celanese Presents its Engineered Materials Product Portfolio at NPE 2024

Celanese Corporation highlights its broad engineered materials product portfolio and solutions at this year's NPE, "The Plastics Show”. The event is being held from May 6-10 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL. 

Addressing Cost and Time Related Challenges
Tom Kelly, senior vice president of Engineered Materials at Celanese, expressed enthusiasm about the company's return to NPE after the show's six year hiatus. "We are thrilled to reconnect with our customers and discuss our collaborative efforts in crafting a more sustainable future. Our focus at NPE will be on the synergy between human ingenuity and advanced polymers."

In the South Hall, meeting room S230, Celanese subject matter experts will present a range of new sustainable solutions and materials available. They will assist customers in addressing two of their most significant challenges: achieving sustainable mobility and reducing the time and cost of developing new products.

Innovation Highlights
The four innovation highlights will include:

  • Circular economy: Emphasizing responsible production, Celanese is presenting its advancements in unique chemistries and specialty materials. This includes ECO-B (bio content), ECO-R (recycled content), and the expanded ECO-C (carbon capture) products. These solutions underscore the company's commitment to reducing carbon footprints and fostering a circular economy.

  • Check out Celanese's Celanex® 2402MT® ECO-B, a bio-based PBT.

  • Advanced mobility: Celanese will address the latest trends for electric vehicles (EVs) regarding safety, range, charging time and sustainability. Solutions proven to increase battery performance, mitigate thermal propagation, reduce the weight of battery housings and improve thermal management will be on display. 

  • Explore Celanese's polymer range for automotive applications.

  • Better, healthier lifestyles: The recently launched NEOLAST™ fiber in partnership with Under Armour is also being featured. This new fiber offers the apparel industry a high-performing alternative to elastane. It represents a critical first step for the industry to address the challenge of recycling blended fabrics. Additionally, attendees will learn about the company's broad portfolio of engineered materials. These materials enable smarter, safer, and more efficient design and manufacturing of appliances, personal care applications, footwear, and medical devices.

  • Future connectivity: From stable and high-speed connections for the network of artificial intelligence/machine learning and advanced wireless infrastructure, to consumer electronics requiring lightweight, miniaturization, design freedom and sustainability, to advanced electrical components addressing complex industrial challenges, Celanese will showcase our ideas and differentiated offerings for the next generation of devices, parts and components.

"At Celanese, we are passionate about innovation, and it is at the core of our mission to meet the diverse requirements of global manufacturers,” said Pedro Van Hoecke, vice president of global technology & innovation, Engineered Materials, Celanese. “Our highly experienced team of polymer engineers and application development specialists are located throughout the world,, enabling us to meet the rigorous technical demands of both our consumer and industrial clients in every region. Partnering with us gives our clients a competitive edge in launching new products and applications to the market quickly. We are confident in our ability to help our clients achieve their goals and stay ahead of the curve."

Source: Celanese

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